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Seneca Venture founders and partners.

At Seneca Venture, we bring together a wide array of skills and experiences in the food and feed sectors. Our founders have spent a lifetime building successful businesses, while our partners have careers in fields such as engineering, product development, marketing, R&D, entrepreneurship, and project management. United by a drive to conceptualize and realize ideas, we partner to create sustainable and innovative solutions in our industry.

Founders and partners

Founder : Ole Kaae Hansen

Biochemist, founder and former CEO of Hamlet Protein, expert in enzymatic processing. Ole K. has extensive experience in the industry and supports the project from various perspectives, such as entrepreneurial, process and business applications.

Founder : Claus Hommelhoff

Co-founder of one of Denmark's most successful capital funds, Formue Pleje. Businessman and property developer with a range of diverse investments. Claus is also an avid philanthropist, especially in the local community.

Partner : Nicolai Winding

MBA from Copenhagen Business School, Previous positions in SiccaDania, IT and Biotech companies. Board member in Horizon Proteins ltd., Meelunie GPI A/S, Olextra ApS, and previously the dairy company BODCO ltd.

Partner : Lars Dahl Laursen

Mech. & electrical engineer. Project Director on several large turn-key projects. Among those Hamlet Protein Inc. Aller Aqua China, Ørsted Renescience Manchester, etc.

Partner : Karen Laustsen

Expertise within product and application development and innovation. Formerly VP Marketing & Innovation at Ceamsa and Director of Global Application Development at CP Kelco.

Partner : Julia Huseljic

20+ years’ experience in the engineering industry for food applications, i.e., dairy, instant coffee, and food ingredients. Degree in Economics from Copenhagen Business School. Previous employments in Niro, GEA and SiccaDania.