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At the forefront of Innovation of Fava Bean Ingredients

Meelunie GPI, a synergistic venture between Meelunie and Seneca Venture, is dedicated to redefining the world of plant-based ingredients. The company specializes in producing premium protein isolate, starch, and dietary fiber extracted from fava beans.

Valorizing Fava Beans
with Cutting-Edge Technologys

Meelunie GPI adopts a groundbreaking approach to unlock the full potential of the fava bean, a crop rich in history and nutritional value. The distinguishing feature is the innovative technique, inspired by dairy technology, which facilitates the gentle and precise fractionation of fava beans into high-value ingredients tailored to specific markets. This pioneering process optimizes natural resource utilization, all while remaining steadfast in their primary mission: delivering pure, highly functional ingredients.

Sustainable Practices

Meelunie GPI’s production methods are designed to be environmentally conscious and intelligent. It is a strong belief that by valorizing the entire fava bean through cutting-edge technology, they can play an essential role in shaping a more sustainable and nutritious future. They produce ingredients that not only promote a greener world but also contribute positively to local communities.

Upcycled Plant-Based Bioactives

Founded in Denmark in 2021, Olextra’s mission is to revolutionize the way we view waste by-products. The vision is clear: to transform waste into valuable, unique products that meet the ever-growing demand in the feed and food ingredient market.

Turning Waste into Value-Added Products

Olextra specializes in the production of natural plant-based bioactive antioxidant ingredients derived from olive pomace, the often-overlooked by-product of olive oil production. This innovative approach not only addresses a critical environmental issue but also offers a range of high-quality, value-added products for various applications.


Innovative Product Development and Trials

Ongoing product development and feed trials involving piglets, chickens, fish, and shrimps have yielded promising results demonstrating better weight gain and improved overall animal health and welfare, highlighting the effectiveness of Olextra’s solutions.

Addressing Critical Needs and Trends

Olextra enters the market at a time of growing demand for natural and affordable antioxidants in both feed and food applications. The olive antioxidants, among the most robust of plant origin, offer potential alternatives to synthetical antioxidants banned in EU and zinc-based treatments applied in animal husbandry.

Commitment to Circular Economy

Olive oil production traditionally discards a considerable portion of valuable antioxidants found in olive pomace. Olextra’s mission is to transform this process into a circular economy biorefinery, eliminating waste and upgrading underutilized by-products.

Meeting Market Needs and Trends

Olextra’s products offer a multitude of benefits:

  • Prevents lipid oxidation.
  • Prolongs shelf life of food / feed.
  • Protects the nutritional value.
  • Helps absorption of vitamins.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Supports overall health conditions.
  • Acts as an antimicrobial agent.
  • Cost-effective and easy to apply.
  • Positive labeling as olive fruit powder.

Revolutionizing Whisky
Co-Products Management

Horizon Proteins takes on a significant challenge presented by the whisky-making process: the management of pot ale, a liquid residue that accumulates to a staggering three billion liters annually in Scotland’s malt whisky industry. Through several large-scale industrial trials, the technology has demonstrated its environmental and economic sustainability, providing value to both the whisky industry and the aqua/animal feed sectors.

Replacing Traditional Proteins

One of Horizon Proteins’ primary objectives is to replace traditional proteins, such as soya bean meal, in salmon feeding with locally sourced, sustainable protein sources. This solution offers competitive pricing and appeals to Scottish salmon farmers, promoting a more feasible and responsible approach to aquaculture.

The Journey of Innovation at Heriot Watt University

The journey of Horizon Proteins began at Heriot Watt University between 2011 and 2014, where the innovative process was shaped. In 2014, the company was officially incorporated with a vision to transform whisky industry by-products into valuable, upcycled resources. This patented technology will add significant economic and environmental value to both the whisky industry and the aquaculture feed sector.

Dedicated to Sustainable Innovation

Horizon Proteins Ltd. is committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainability, innovation, and economic viability. They are dedicated to create a more environmentally responsible and economically sound future for Scotland’s whisky industry.

Learn more at HorizonProteins.com

EstProtein Foodtech OÜ is on a mission to reshape the rapeseed plant-based protein production for human consumption. Located in the heart of Jõhvi Business Park in Ida-Virumaa, Estonia, we are committed to utilizing locally grown rapeseed as the primary raw material for our production unit.

Sustainable Protein Production with Local Rapeseed

At EstProtein Foodtech, we focus on sustainability by operating with a deep commitment to environmentally responsible practices. We apply rapeseed oil as a renewable green energy source for production and we minimize water usage while ensuring the responsible reuse and purification of process water.

Plant-based Products
with EstProtein

Our core objective is to bring to market soluble plant-based protein isolates derived from rapeseed. This valuable product finds application as essential ingredient in various products, ranging from plant-based meat and plant-based milk to sports drinks and beyond. Notably, it offers a clean taste, excellent texture, and a smooth mouthfeel, setting it apart from other plant-based protein sources. Additionally, it has exceptional nutritional value, providing essential amino acids required by the human body —outperforming soy, pea, rice, and wheat gluten proteins in this regard.

The Cleanest and Most Nutritious Labels Possible

EstProtein product is a non-GMO plant-based protein, produced through an innovative, solvent-free process. This unique approach preserves the protein’s nutritional and functional advantages, making it the ideal choice for manufacturers seeking to distinguish their products with clean, nutritious labels.

Join Us in Redefining Sustainable Protein Production

EstProtein Foodtech OÜ is proud to lead their way in sustainable protein production, leveraging the potential of rapeseed to enhance the quality of plant-based foods and beverages.